Planning an Exhibition

Large companies have their own marketing staff to design the basic format of their display booths. The exhibition staff puts a great deal of thought and effort into their work. They want each person that comes to their booth to walk away feeling they want to be a customer. This is not an easy goal to achieve, but marketing professionals have an arsenal of techniques to accomplish it.

Attracting customers to their booth is always the first step. Design elements depend largely upon the company's logo and its colours. The booth must match the logo colours and prominently display both the company's name and logo. It must be done in a way that is visually attractive. Using promo girls to attract customers to the booth always helps. Their welcome smile is the most important part of their looks. This is what makes people want to approach the booth.

Once the visitor has come into the booth area, the marketing staff must give them a reason to stay and choose to buy from the company. The latest technique is experiential marketing. The staff members can find pictures, videos, music or even scents to help the potential customer associate good feelings with their product or brand. Doing this helps them retain a good feeling about the product and remember the company better.

Each marketing team has its work cut out for it when designing a display booth. Other exhibitors at conferences and shows have the same information about these techniques available to them. Beating out the competition is often a case of using these techniques in combination to create an overall experience. Each different step must contribute to the whole experience of the potential customer. Smart exhibitors know exactly how much of each technique they will be able to use without overwhelming potential customers.